Palakkad Institute of Medical Science
General Medicine DEPARTMENT

The Department of General Medicine is one of the prominent Departments of PIMS.

The Department deals with the prevention, diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of various diseases. Physicians conduct physical examination of the patient and then recommend necessary tests and diagnostic procedures. In specific conditions, after general internal medicine examinations, patients will be hospitalized, if required.

Physical examination and general examination are important in general internal medicine, which give signals to the doctors,whether to admit the patient or not.

Comprehensive care is offered ; comprising outpatient services, emergency care services, in patient care including consultation services and ICU care for all critically ill patients. To improve the quality of care, we believe in keeping up to date with medical knowledge and skills with focus on academic programmes and research activities.

The dedicated team of general physicians in the department are well trained to provide a complete range of health support to patients of all ages, ensuring timely treatment to patients by referring them to the concerned department.

General Medicine

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